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30 January

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Three pullovers and a pair of scissors

In 1983 a British comic published an article by Alan Moore about female characters in comics that he would no doubt cringe to see now. I read it ages ago and was always taken with this one quote. Now the article has surfaced again on the interwebtubes and I was reminded that I always wanted to do this picture.

EDIT: Several people have told me they were a bit bemused by the quote, so here is a larger sample to put it in context:

Iíve almost lost count of the number of comic cuties who have been featured in an ongoing gags-and-straps situation over the last couple. of years. I remember a particularly charming Michael Fleischer story that appeared in DCís Brave and Bold during which the usually quite capable Black Canary spent almost the entire issue tied a chair wearing only her underwear, While the villain of the piece delivered such memorable and sensitive dialogue as "You squirm so prettily, my dear.Ē The same thing happens to The Dazzler and Red Sonja with a startling regularity. If were a female comic character, I think Iíd be inclined to dress up warm, wear three pullovers at once and never go anywhere without a pair of scissors.

The thing that some of you may find difficult to believe is that if a comic depicts somewhere in it's pages a young lady. preferably wearing a torn blouse, or tied up,
or wearing a torn blouse and tied up. or fighting with another girl who is also wearing a torn blouse. or tying up another girl with the torn remnants of her blouse, or indeed practically anything that involves blouses. girls. ropes or some combination thereof.. if a comic depicts this then the chances are that it is considerably more valuable, Isnít that odd?

Alan Moore, Sexism in Comics, 1983



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