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29 October

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Money and other illusory constructs

The problem with money is that it doesn't really exist. We all just pretend it does because it makes life run more smoothly. But you try going to the bank and asking to see your money. Or, if your relationship with money is more like mine, ask for a viewing of your overdraft.

I have this idea of it being a dark, ghostly form of anti-money.

And it's getting worse, now we do all our spending with plastic, direct debits, and numbers typed in online. At least if you have a pocket full of pictures of the queen and jingly coins, they aren't going to vanish unexpectedly because your bank just died.


Today on Radio Karen: Listening to Björk usually feels a lot like a hangover to me, but there's this one song All is Full of Love that is awesome. So I've loaded up the album it's from, Homogenic into Radio Karen and I'm having a listen of that.



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