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16 February (early)

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another update

There is a picture to go with this text but I wasn't able to get access to a scanner today, and I didn't want to wait. I'll redo this when I am able to.
Edit: Fixed now.


A huge thank you to everyone who has donated/intends to donate some money, but one thing I am hearing time and again is people being slightly apologetic that they could "only" donate a small amount. Please don't think like that. When you have nothing, the price of a pair of socks will buy A PAIR OF SOCKS. The price of a can opener will buy A CAN OPENER.

Some people have also asked if there's anything else I need. Well a webcomic-ready notebook (so I can take the damn computer WITH me next time) with scanner and graphic tablet would be nice, but realistically, no. I am effectively homeless, so having any more stuff to drag around with me isn't going to help. Money is not only very portable but it enables me to get what I need when I need it.

Huge thanks also to everyone that's sent me notes of sympathy. I'm sorry I can't reply to them all but my computer access is very limited right now.



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