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16 February (later)

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My brain is too smooshed to come up with a headline

People are still asking if there's anything specific they can help me with, so here is one thing. Someone has very kindly offered me a Mac Book, which is amazing and wonderful, but in order to turn it into a Planet Karen producing machine I will need a Mac version of Photoshop. So if anyone out there has one going spare I would very much appreciate it.

Lea Hernandez, who is being amazing and supportive in ways only another fire survivor can, has said I should ask for a Wacom Intous graphics tablet too. I wasn't going to, but you never know, SOMEONE might have one unused in a closet that they'd be happy to give to a good home. What? It could happen.


The guys at girl-wonder are organising a fund raising event for me because they are entirely awesome. Details can be found at



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