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20 february

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They don't tell you before you get the tattoo how careful you need to be with it for the first few weeks, that you need to rub lotion into it regularly to minimize scabbing, and stuff. the place I went to just handed me a leaflet afterwards, which I didn't get around to reading until much later that evening. They didn't even specify what sort of lotion, but I googled "tattoo care" and found that Nivea was apparently the best choice if you couldn't get the proper stuff designed for the purpose.

And yes, I skipped a day. I did write it, but then I forgot and did the art for this one and got it scanned at the internet cafe. I also realised after I'd done it that I got the tattoo the wrong way round and on the wrong side, because that's how I see it in the mirror. Normally I could fix something like that but I don't have the facilities right now.

I'm going to send the original art for today's comic to be auctioned in the benefit event organised by girl-wonder. Details of the event can be found at



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